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Biography Of Sacagawea
Real Name Sacagawea
Profession Explorers
Nick Name Sacajawea, Sakakawea, Sakagawea
Famous as Interpreter
Nationality American
Personal Life of Sacagawea
Born On 1788
Died At Age 24
Born in Salmon
Died on 1812
City Idaho
Grouping of People School Dropouts
Siblings Cameahwait
Spouse/Partner Toussaint Charbonneau
Children Jean Baptiste Charbonneau, Lizette Charbonneau
Personal Fact of Sacagawea

Sacagawea, a woman born into a ‘Shoshone’ family in Idaho’s Lemhi County, is still known for being the first Native American woman to have gone on an expedition. She accompanied a group of explorers on the first American quest, the ‘Lewis and Clark Expedition’, acting as their guide and interpreter. She stayed with the group for as long as the exploration lasted, being their means of communicating with ‘Shoshone’ tribes along the way.

Having been abducted at the age of twelve by a group of ‘Hidatsa’ people, she went on to become an embodiment of the independence of women. Fiction has often suggested that she might have had a relationship with either Lewis or Clark, though the speculation is disputable. Despite the scarcity of historical records, numerous movies and books have attempted to touch upon this subject. She has been adopted as a role model by the ‘National American Woman Suffrage Association’.

Many sculptures have also been built in a bid to depict her, though there are still assumptions as to how she might have looked. In spite of her death more than two hundred years back, she is still considered a legendary hero by the citizens of America. Read on for more information on her life and works

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