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Elias James Corey

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Biography Of Elias James Corey
Real Name Elias James Corey
Profession Chemists
Nick Name Elias James E.J. Core
Famous as Organic Chemist
Nationality American
Personal life of Elias James Corey
Born on 12 July 1928
Birthday 12th July
Age 88 Years
Sun Sign Cancer
Born in Methuen, Massachusetts, United States
Family Background of Elias James Corey
Father Elias Corey
Mother Fatina Hasham Corey
Spouse/Partner Claire Higham
Children David, John, Susan
Education Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Awards ACS Award in Pure Chemistry (1960) Chevreul Medal (1964) Fritzsche Award (1967) Intra-Science Foundation Award (1967) Harrison Howe Award (1970) Centenary Medal (1971) Ciba Foundation Medal (1972) Linus Pauling Award (1973) Dickson Prize (1973) George Ledlie Prize (1973) Remsen Award (1974) Arthur C. Cope Award (1976) Buchman Memorial Award (1978) Franklin Medal (1978) Scientific Achievement Award Medal (1979) J. G. Kirkwood Award (1980) C. S. Hamilton Award (1980) Chemical Pioneer Award (1981) Lewis S. Rosenstiel Award (1981) Paul Karrer Gold Medal (1982) Tetrahedron Prize (1983) Willard Gibbs Award (1984) Paracelsus Award (1984) Madison Marshall Award (1985) V.D. Mattia Award (1985) Wolf Prize in Chemistry (1986) Silliman Award (1986) Robert Robinson Medal (1988) National Medal of Science (1988) Japan Prize (1989) Janot Medal (1990) Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1990) Roger Adams Award (1993) ForMemRS (1998) Priestley Medal (2004)
Personal Fact of Elias James Corey

Elias James Corey is a distinguished American organic chemist who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1990 for his scientific contributions in the development of theory and methodology of organic synthesis, particularly retrosynthetic analysis. His book The Logic of Chemical Synthesis consists of a proper elucidation of the concept of retrosynthetic analysis, which is a systematic method of chemical synthesis involving effective transformation of a target molecule to simpler precursor structures.

Through his continuous scientific research and development that covers essentially all fields of organic chemistry he substantially helped in advancing the science of organic synthesis. He also had a deep impact in the advancement of biochemistry and modern medicinal science. This saw development of number of therapeutic drugs like ginkgolide B and prostaglandins. Some of his major scientific contributions are discovery of many synthetic procedures, applying computer analysis in designing chemical synthesis and chemical synthesis of numerous complex bioactive compounds.

These revolutionary works of Corey aided the chemists in developing effective synthetic forms of organic chemicals. It also improved theoretical comprehension of the way these chemicals work. At present he is the Sheldon Emory Professor Emeritus at the Harvard University. Besides the Nobel Price, he has received several other awards including Linus Pauling Award (1973), Franklin Medal (1978), National Medal of Science (1988) and the Priestley Medal (2004). In 1998 Corey was inducted into the Alpha Chi Sigma Hall of Fame.

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Elias James Corey


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