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Ernst Mayr

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Biography Of Ernst Mayr
Real Name Ernst Mayr
Profession Naturalists, Ornithologists, Biologists
Nick Name Ernst Walter Mayr
Famous as Biologist
Nationality American
Religion Atheism
Personal life of Ernst Mayr
Born on 05 July 1904
Birthday 5th July
Died At Age 100
Sun Sign Cancer
Born in Kempten
Died on 03 February 2005
Place of death Bedford
Education University of Greifswald, Humboldt University of Berlin
Awards 1994 – International Prize for Biology 1958 – DarwinWallace Medal 1970 – National Medal of Science for Biological Sciences 1999 – Crafoord Prize in Biosciences
Personal Fact of Ernst Mayr

Ernst Walter Mayr is one of 20th Century’s accomplished and pioneering biologists. Mayr was a German-born American biologist renowned for his work as a taxonomist, ornithologist, tropical explorer, and historian of science, who also studied population genetics and evolution. His work on the theory of evolution paved way for the modernised concepts in genetics and evolutionary biology which includes the works of Mendel, Darwin, and the concepts of systematics and biological species.

Mayr has been credited with writing more than 100 papers on avian taxonomy. He proposed a new definition of species that was widely accepted in scientific circles and contributed to the discovery of a large number of previously unknown species. Mayr successfully discovered and named 25 new bird species and 410 sub-species, during his lifetime. Through his book Systematics and the Origin of Species, he put forward a modification to the existing definition of species.

A group of individuals with similar morphological traits were regarded as members of the same species (as stated by Charles Darwin) but Mayr suggested that members of a group that interbreed comprise a species. The information contained within the DNA of each species differs enough from other species to prevent interbreeding. In his later years, Mayr focused his efforts in modifying the philosophy of science to include biology as an essential way in understanding life. Read on to know more about his life and works.

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Ernst Mayr


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