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John Forbes Nash, Jr.

This Biography is about one of the best Mathematician John Forbes Nash, Jr. including his Height, weight,Age & Other Detail…

Biography Of John Forbes Nash, Jr.
Real Name John Forbes Nash, Jr.
Profession Mathematicians
Nick Name John F. Nash
Famous as Mathematician
Nationality American
Personal life of John Forbes Nash, Jr.
Born on 13 June 1928
Birthday 13th June
Died At Age 86
Sun Sign Gemini
Born in Bluefield
Died on 23 May 2015
Grouping of People Bisexual
Cause of Death Car Accident
Diseases & Disabilities Schizophrenia
Family Background of  John Forbes Nash, Jr.
Father John Forbes Nash
Mother Margaret Virginia Martin
Siblings Martha Nash
Spouse/Partner Alicia Lopez-Harrison de Lard
Children John David Stier, John Charles Martin Nash
Education 1950 – Princeton University,

1948 – Carnegie Mellon College of Engineering,

1945 – Bluefield High School,

1948 – Carnegie Mellon College of Engineering

Awards 1994 – Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences

2015 – Abel Prize

1978 – John von Neumann Theory Prize

1999 – Leroy P. Steele Prize

Personal Fact of John Forbes Nash, Jr.

A ‘Nobel Prize’ winner who was immortalized by the critically-acclaimed movie, ‘A Beautiful Mind’, Professor John Nash developed an interest in mathematics from the time he was in high school. Having graduated from esteemed educational establishments like the ‘Carnegie Institute of Technology’ and the ‘Princeton University’, he revolutionised the field of equilibrium theory. He is famous for his works on ‘Game Theory’, partial differential equations, and algebraic geometry. Not only is this mathematician’s work important in his field of study, but is also used in a wide range of subjects like artificial intelligence, politics, economics, accounting, and even biology.

Application of his ‘Game Theory’ is essential for arriving at decisions that benefit an organization and its people. Since the establishment of the validity of this field of study, eleven game theorists have been awarded the ‘Nobel Prize’. Though glorified by his biographer, Sylvia Nasar, and Hollywood, his life has been controversial, where he has been charged with indecent conduct, and has allegedly not been a very able husband and father. However, it is this talented mathematician’s fight against schizophrenia and the stigma associated with the condition, which has made him the epitome of brilliance according to many, across the world

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