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Kit Carson

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Biography Of Kit Carson
Real Name Kit Carson
Profession Military Leaders, Soldiers, Explorers
Famous as Explorer & Soldier
Nationality American
Religion Catholicism
Personal life of Kit Carson
Born on 24 December 1809
Birthday 24th December
Died At Age 58
Sun Sign Capricorn
Born in Madison County
Died on 23 May 1868
Place of death Fort Lyon
City Kentucky
Personal Fact of Kit Carson

Kit Carson was an American frontiersman and soldier who played an important role in the westward expansion of the United States. He served as a guide on explorer John C. Fremont’s expeditions which ultimately culminated in the extensive expansion of the boundaries of the United States. Born into a large family of modest means in Kentucky, Carson had a difficult childhood.

His father died when Kit was a young boy and his mother struggled to singlehandedly raise the children on her own. She later remarried but Kit did not get along with his step-father and ran away from home to seek a life of adventure. He learned fur-trapping from experienced frontiersmen and eventually gained expertise in this skill. Over the years he worked with traders from different countries and earned to speak Spanish, French and several Native American languages.

A chance meeting with the explorer John Fremont changed the course of his life. Fremont employed Carson as a guide and he accompanied Fremont on his famous expeditions. Over a period of time Carson became a very popular mountain man and was idealized as a folk hero for his adventures. Over the course of his very interesting life Carson had also worked as a wilderness guide, Indian agent, and American Army officer.

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