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Michael Clarke Duncan

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Biography Of Michael Clarke Duncan
Real Name Michael Clarke Duncan
Profession Actors
Famous as Actor
Nationality American
Personal Life of Michael Clarke Duncan
Born on 10 December 1957
Birthday 10th December
Died At Age 54
Sun Sign Sagittarius
Height 1.96 m
Born in Los Angeles, California, United States
Died on 03 September 2012
City Illinois
Personal Fact of Michael Clarke Duncan

Michael Clarke Duncan was an American actor best known for his moving performance in the movie Green Mile. His life story is that of a simple boy from a humble background eventually making it big in the glittery world of Hollywood. He had a modest beginning and first worked as a digger in a gas station company and then as a security guard at a security firm catering to various Hollywood actors before realizing his calling.

At the insistence of his mother, he pursued his dream of becoming an actor. Known for his rather large physique, he was cast more often in roles that called for action and aggression onscreen. He created a stir when he turned a vegetarian and was an ardent supporter of PETA. He had appeared in more than 70 films until his untimely demise due to heart complications. Years later, he is still remembered for his imposing stature and acting persona that he brought onscreen and his genial personality off the camera.

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Michael Clarke Duncan


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