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Neil Armstrong

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Biography Of Neil Armstrong
Real Name Neil Armstrong
Profession Astronauts
Nick Name Neil Alden Armstrong
Nationality American
Personal Life of Neil Armstrong
Born on 05 August 1930
Birthday 5th August
Died At Age 82
Sun Sign Leo
Born in Wapakoneta
Died on 25 August 2012
Place of death Cincinnati
Grouping of People Left Handed
Family Background of Neil Armstrong
Father Stephen Armstrong
Mother Viola Armstrong
Siblings Dean Armstrong, June Armstrong
Spouses/Partners Carol Held Knight, (m. 1994-2012), Janet Shearon, (m. 1956-1994)
Children Eric Armstrong, Karen Armstrong, Mark Armstrong
Education University of Southern California, (1970), Purdue University, (1947-1955), Blume High School, (1947)
Awards 1978 – Presidential Medal of Freedom 2009 – Congressional Gold Medal – Collier Trophy

1971 – Sylvanus Thayer Award 1978 – Congressional Space Medal of Honor 1999 – Langley Gold Medal

Personal Fact of Neil Armstrong

History was created when Armstrong put his left foot on the surface of Moon, thus becoming the first ever man to place his foot on someplace other than the Earth. He was and for centuries to come, will be regarded as the greatest American hero who created a landmark moment in human history. Trained as an aeronautical engineer, he soon took to being a test pilot and served as the same for a number of years before being selected as an astronaut. Interestingly, all his accomplishments would not have happened in the first place had his friend, Dick Day not placed his application for astronaut with the ones that arrived on time; Armstrong’s application had arrived about a week after the deadline.

Armstrong’s first mission into the space was as command pilot of Gemini 8 in 1966. With this, he became the first civilian to fly in space. His second and last space flight occurred three years later in 1969 when he joined Aldrin and Collins aboard Apollo 11 for NASA’s first manned mission to moon. Armstrong spent about two hours walking on the moon surface, collecting samples and conducting experiments. His fiery determination coupled with his heroic demeanour and unwavering team spirit made him a man of virtue and honor. To know in details about his life and profile, scroll further.

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Neil Armstrong


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