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Owen Chamberlain

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Biography Of Owen Chamberlain
Real Name Owen Chamberlain
Profession Physicists
Famous as Physicist
Nationality American
Personal Life of Owen Chamberlain
Born on 10 July 1920
Birthday 10th July
Died At Age 85
Sun Sign Cancer
Born in San Francisco, California, USA
Died on 28 February 2006
Place of death Berkeley, California, USA
Diseases & Disabilities Parkinson’s Disease
Family Background of Owen Chamberlain
Father W. Edward Chamberlain
Mother Genevieve Lucinda Chamberlain
Awards Nobel Prize in Physics (1959)
Personal Fact of Owen Chamberlain

Nobel Laureate American physicist Owen Chamberlain discovered the existence of antiprotons. The founding of antiprotons has great significance in the study of matter and anti-matter. According to his theory, negatively charged antiproton is the mirror image of positively charged proton. Along with his colleagues, he also discovered the process of isolating antiprotons. Later, he continued his research to document the collision and destruction of protons and antiprotons through a photographic process.

When the US participated in the World War II, he worked as a part of Manhattan Project, the secret program of the US to build an atom bomb. This project brought him the opportunity to work with Emilio Segre , an Italian physicist. At that time, he worked on nuclear cross sections for intermediate-energy neutrons and spontaneous fission of heavy elements.

He also did research work on alpha particle decay, neutron diffraction in liquids and high-energy nuclear particle reactions. Together with two other renowned Professors, he developed and applied polarized proton targets as part of his research work. This remarkable experiment assisted in the study of several high energy processes like the scattering of pi-mesons and protons on polarized protons, the determination of the parity of hyperons and a test of time reversal symmetry in electron-proton scattering.

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Owen Chamberlain


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