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Biography Of Pocahontas
Real Name Pocahontas
Nick Name Matoaka, Matoika, Amonute, Rebecca Rolfe
Famous as Native American
Nationality American
Personal Life of Pocahontas
Born 1596
Died At Age 22
Born in Werowocomoco
Died on March 1617
Place of death Gravesend
Grouping of People Native Americans
Cause of Death Tuberculosis
Family Background of Pocahontas
Father Chief Powhatan
Spouse/Partner John Rolfe
Children Thomas Rolfe
Personal Fact of Pocahontas

Pocahontas was a Native American famous for her association with English colonists during their first years in Virginia. She assisted the colonists in establishing the settlement and also played a major role in mediating peaceful relations between the English settlers and her own tribesmen, the Powhatan Native Americans.

very famous anecdote has it that Pocahontas, as a little girl, had saved the life of the Englishman John Smith who was captured and about to be executed by her father, the paramount chief of a network of tributary tribal nations in the Tsenacommacah. Some historians, however, have suggested that this story, as told by Smith, is untrue. Nonetheless, Smith and Pocahontas became good friends and she provided the Englishmen with food and other necessities when they were near starvation. However the relationship between the Native Americans and the Englishmen soured after Smith left for England.

Some Englishmen captured Pocahontas and demanded hefty ransoms from her father in return for her liberation. During the period of her captivity, she met an Englishman, the tobacco planter John Rolfe who proposed marriage to her. She agreed to marry him and bore him one child. This marriage helped to pacify the hostile relations between the natives and the colonists for a while.

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