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Roger Wolcott Sperry

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Biography Of Roger Wolcott Sperry
Real Name Roger Wolcott Sperry
Famous as Neuropsychologist
Nationality American
Personal Life of Roger Wolcott Sperry
Born on 20 August 1913
Birthday 20th August
Died At Age 80
Sun Sign Leo
Born in Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Died on 17 April 1994
City Connecticut
Awards 1981 – Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1979 – Wolf Prize in Medicine 1979 – Albert Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research 1989 – National Medal of Science for Biological Sciences
Personal Fact of Roger Wolcott Sperry

Roger Wolcott Sperry was a noted neuropsychologist and neurobiologist, who was one of the co-recipients of the 1981 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine for his study of functional specialization in the cerebral hemispheres. According to a survey done by the noted scientific journal, Review of General Psychology, he was the 44th most cited psychologist of the 20th century.

Although he entered college with English as his major he quickly became interested in psychology and after graduation, switched his subject to earn his M.A. in psychology and PhD in zoology. From the beginning he worked on brain, first with rats, then with salamanders, newts and cats. However, his studies of epileptic patients with split brain earned the greatest fame. His experiments not only established that the corpus callosum, which joins the two hemisphere of the brain, functions as a channel to pass information between the two hemispheres, but also that each hemisphere of the brain undertakes specific functions.

The work overturned the prevailing idea that the left side of the brain is more dominant than the others. He was also a skillful experimentalist and often undertook very clever operations in course of his experiments. Although disease made him physically immobile he remained intellectually active till his last and contributed much to the human knowledge.

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Roger Wolcott Sperry


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