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Thomas Edison

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Biography Of Thomas Edison
Real Name Thomas Edison
Profession Telecommunication, Automobile Industry
Nick Name The Wizard of Menlo Park
Famous as Inventor, Businessman
Nationality American
Religion Deist
Personal life of Thomas Edison
Born on 11 February 1847
Birthday 11th February
Died At Age 84
Sun Sign Aquarius
Born in Milan
Died on 18 October 1931
Place of death West Orange
Personality Type ESTP
Diseases & Disabilities Dyslexia, Hearing Impairments and Deafness
Grouping of People Poorly Educated
Family Background of Thomas Edison
Father Samuel Ogden Edison, Jr.
Mother Nancy Matthews Elliott
Spouses/Partners Mina Miller (m. 1886-1931), Mary Stilwell (m. 1871-1884)
Children Charles Edison, Theodore Miller Edison, Marion Estelle Edison, Thomas Alva Edison Jr., Madeleine Edison, William Leslie Edison
Founder/Co-Founder Edison Electric Light Company (General Electric Company)
Discoveries / Inventions Fluoroscopy, Motion Picture Camera, Universal Electric Motor, Electrical Vote Recorder, Steel Alkaline Storage Battery, Motograph, Magnetic Ore Separator, Automatic Telegraph Systems, Paraffin Paper,mimeograph Machine, The Carbon Rheostat, The Microtasimeter,carbon Telephone Transmitter
Net worth $12 million
Personal Fact of  Thomas Edison

His is a rags-to-riches story – virtually turning the fate of his life from being a confused lad to the most recognized and respected American, amongst numerous others, in the world. Thomas Alva Edison is a name to reckon with in the scientific and technological circles of the world. A prolific inventor and a leading businessman, he was the mastermind behind numerous discoveries and innovations that helped build America’s economy.

It was his intelligence, ideas, hard work and perseverance that made him the front-runner in America’s first technological revolution. Edison is reported to have set the stage for the modern electric world. It is his discoveries and inventions that became the foundation of industries and made life blissful for the human race.

With about 1093 US patents and many more patents in other countries, Edison is accredited with numerous inventions, including stock ticker, phonograph, first practical electric light bulb, motion picture camera, mechanical vote recorder and a battery for an electric car.

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Thomas Edison


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