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Thomas Kuhn

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Biography Of Thomas Kuhn
Real Name Thomas Kuhn
Profession Physicists
Nationality American
Personal life of Thomas Kuhn
Born on 18 July 1922
Birthday 18th July
Died At Age 73
Sun Sign Cancer
Born in Cincinnati
Died on 17 June 1996
Place of death Cambridge
Family Background of Thomas Kuhn
Father Samuel L. Kuhn
Spouse/Partner Jehane Kuhn
Children Sarah Kuhn, Elizabeth Kuhn, Nathaniel Kuhn
Education Harvard University
Awards 1982 – George Sarton Medal
Personal Fact of Thomas Kuhn

One of the most influential philosophers of science of the 20th century, Thomas Kuhn is regarded as the man who changed the way the world perceived and envisioned science. His book, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions was a landmark publication that generated worldwide discussions and debates among scholarly communities.

It is also one of the most cited academic books, often referred to by scientific guilds and student communities. He is credited with coining the term, Paradigm Shift, which today, has become an integral part of English and scientific terminology. His impact has been felt in all academic fields, including the field of science, education theory and research.

His contribution to the philosophy of science has inspired various student bodies and has influenced more than one billion readers and researchers at large. His works have so far, laid the foundation for many aspiring researchers who plan to pursue a study of the philosophy of science in the future. He is credited for the accurate representation of science and for introducing a new method towards approaching this branch of study.

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Thomas Kuhn


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