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Victor Francis Hess

This Biography is about one of the best Discoverer of Cosmic Rays Victor Francis Hess including his Height, weight, Age & Other Detail…

Biography Of Victor Francis Hess
Real Name Victor Francis Hess
Profession Physicists
Famous as Discoverer of Cosmic Rays
Nationality American
Personal life of Victor Francis Hess
Born on 24 June 1883
Birthday 24th June
Died At Age 81
Sun Sign Cancer
Born in Peggau
Died on 17 December 1964
Place of death Mount Vernon
Education University of Graz, University of Vienna
Awards Nobel Prize in Physics
Personal Fact of Victor Francis Hess

Victor Francis Hess was an Austrian-American physicist who won the 1936 Nobel Prize in Physics for his discovery of cosmic radiation. Born in late nineteenth century Austria, he graduated from the University of Graz and started his career at Institute of Radium Research of the Viennese Academy of Sciences.

While working there in 1913, he discovered that atmospheric ionization was caused, not by the earth as was believed at that time, but by a highly penetrating ray that originated in the outer space. Unfortunately, at that time, there were few takers of the theory outside the University of Vienna and it was not until 1925 that his theory was corroborated and the ray was named as cosmic ray. He received Nobel Prize in Physics for this invention even later.

Nonetheless, he kept on teaching at different Austrian universities and once Austria was occupied by Germany, Hess fled to USA. There too he kept on his research work and contributed significantly in the field of radioactivity. He was strongly opposed to nuclear test because he believed that very little was known about radioactivity to say for sure such tests, even if carried underground, would have no impact on the surface.

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Victor Francis Hess


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